Design Team

Long known for its unique contemporary style, Carter brings together some of the most respected and talented upholstery designers in the home furnishings industry. Together, the synergy of this phenomenal group becomes even greater than its individual parts giving Carter a product line that is sophisticated, diverse and always the best blend of form and function.

Rob Jones adds an incredible knowledge of proportion and scale to his clean, contemporary designs. Michael Wolk’s furniture is a marriage of the exuberance of dynamic American modernism and the grace and elegance of a full range of European design traditions.

This stellar group of designers is unparalleled in the home furnishings industry. Each brings his own unique aesthetic design, and together, they create the extraordinary Carter line.

I believe that excellent design is the blending of creative style balanced with careful proportion and scale. It is this blending and balance that changes the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Timeless style. Supreme comfort. The ultimate in sophistication. Michael Wolk draws on a full range of classic modernist influences to consistently create what are, quite simply, America’s most refined contemporary furniture designs.